Dreams of Ole Lukoie

There’s no one on earth who knows so many stories as Ole Lukoie-he certainly can tell them!

Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s story of Ole Lukoie, I have created three paper sculptures to illustrate the magic of Hjalmar’s dreams. This body of work has created within me a new passion for paper sculpture. If I can continue this type of illustration, and I’m certain I will, I’ll be a happy gal. Making art from paper evokes a very unique feeling for me, a feeling that I cannot equate to painting. Light and shadow brings these illustrations to life, and I’m in awe every time I hold a new paper character in my hand.

I took some of these photos myself, but I also had the help of an awesome photographer/videographer, Dylan DeGeorge, who took some good shots of my pieces. He’s got some great work, and you can find @dylan.d.george on Instagram, too.

Below you will find pics from the process. Enjoy!


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