Providence Optical Window Display

This summer I created a window display for Providence Optical in Rhode Island. My friend and fellow artist Dan Cogan and I had a lot of fun brainstorming the ideas for this window. The owner, Onega Astaltsova, was a pleasure to meet and work with in designing her storefront window which was to be displayed during the Providence International Art Festival that came through in June. Below are some pictures taken during the process and final outcome.

Here is the little blurb we used to describe the work in the papers:

Stimuleye is a storefront window installation crafted out of white paper by the artists Janet Croog and Dan Cogan. The concept was inspired by the premise of the shop itself, where the focus is vision. The installation is a visual stimulus designed to examine the eye through the use of its medium and translucent colored lenses. Providence Optical is located at 210 Westminster St in downtown Providence.

And I would like to thank my friends who came through and offered their assistance during this project: Vincent Esposito, Molly Gambardella, and Emily Cornaccio. They’re always fun to work with.

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