Shubert Celebrates 100 Years!

Annie - Shubert Theater Window Display - Idiom

Shubert Theater celebrated its 100 year anniversary last month and I was lucky enough to be a part of it. I was commissioned alongside a team of Paier College of Art students by the Shubert Theater, the Shops at Yale, and the New Haven Green to decorate the storefronts yet again with white paper sculptures. Shubert Theater even had us create a large piece for their front window. You can see some photos below.

The paper sculptures in each window down Chapel Street in New Haven represented famous musicals that went through the Shubert Theater over this past century. 11 stores participated, plus the Shubert’s window. There were about 30 artists working together on teams of 3-5 people. This project was a lot of fun, but very time consuming on a tight schedule. We barely had a month to make this happen so I was at Paier every day, working late into the night. It was well worth the effort, especially since I got to work alongside other creative and inspiring artists.

The pieces I designed were for the musical Annie as well as four panels representing history scenes in 1914. The panels show guests of Shubert Theater’s opening night on December 11, 1914. They are walking through the snow by the Taft hotel toward the theater and entering the theater. Many students assisted me in completing these pieces, I could not have done it without them.

The large marquee in Shubert’s window was a collaboration between many artists as well. The experience of working in a group with these guys has been unique and unforgettable.

Thanks to all the students working diligently, we got the project completed on time and installed just before Thanksgiving. We were under the direction of Vladimir Shpitalnik. My fellow alumni, Dan Cogan, and I were brought in to assist Vladimir and the students. The project was a big success!

Photos of our work and process can be seen below, and here are some links to the press we got: New Haven Independent, The Daily Nutmeg, and WTNH News 8. More photos of the other teams’ work can be seen on Paier’s Facebook albums: Installation Day and Shubert Theatre’s 100th-Year Anniversary Celebration. Please check out Paier’s albums, they are well worth seeing!

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