Yale Bowl Celebrates 100 Years!

The window is complete!

I recently designed a storefront display in downtown New Haven with the help of my partner, Dan Cogan. The Shops at Yale hired us to design the window based off the 100th anniversary of the Yale Bowl. If you are a regular of New Haven, you can see the display at 286 York Street (right next to Alex and Ani’s).

I kept to a white paper sculpture theme as I designed an old living room set. I wanted to evoke a sense of nostalgia with a contemporary twist. There is a bulldog (Yale’s mascot who goes by the name Handsome Dan) sitting in the middle of the floor and an old TV playing a short black and white video about the Yale Bowl. The building silhouettes in the background represent part of the Old Campus of Yale University. The curtains are made of enlarged newspaper as well as the “100 YEARS” flag hanging on the wall.

The best time to see the window is at sunset and after since my lighting effects shine best at night.

This project is my fourth window display in New Haven, after the winter window designs on Chapel Street last year. I created quite a few paper sculptures then, but this particular window turned into a whole set design. You can see the before and after pictures below as well as some extra shots for a preview of my process.








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